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Hair Restoration Treatments

Hair Restoration

Hair restoration can combat hair loss by encouraging the growth of thick, natural-looking hair. Hair loss can affect both male and female patients. Over time, areas of the scalp may begin to thin due to pattern baldness. Thinning hair can take away from the hairline and affect one’s self-image. Hair restoration can achieve a fuller head of hair using your natural hair follicles. Our hair dermatologists at Dermatology, Laser and Surgery of Flatiron provide a variety of different hair replacement techniques to improve thinning hair, including NeoGraft® hair restoration, platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP) for hair loss, the LaserCap LCPRO device, and the HRS-10 Hair Regrowth System. Each of these options can bring about long-lasting improvements to your hairline.

Hair Replacement

Hair Restoration Overview
Can restore a fuller, healthy head of hair Ideal for both men and women
Encourages the growth of your natural hair follicles Various techniques are available, depending on your procedure goals
Can transplant healthy hair follicles to areas of thinning hair Can reduce the aesthetic effects of pattern baldness
Minimally invasive techniques yield less downtime than past hair restoration treatments Can achieve long-lasting improvements to your hairline

What Causes Hair Loss?

There are many causes of hair loss that have been discovered. Hormonal imbalances, stress, illness, trauma, and more can contribute to the loss of hair. The most common cause of hair loss is pattern baldness. This condition affects both men and women. Over time, pattern baldness can result in a complete loss of hair around certain areas of the scalp, including the crown of the head and the frontal hairline.

Hair Replacement At A Glance:

Hair restoration is designed to encourage the growth of your natural hair follicles to thicken hair volume and improve thinning hair. Our hair loss surgeons and hair dermatologists provide a variety of different hair replacement techniques, depending on your individual needs.

NeoGraft® Hair Restoration

NeoGraft® hair replacement can transplant healthy hair follicles from areas of the scalp with ample amounts of hair, such as the back of your head, to areas that have thinned. During NeoGraft® hair restoration, hair follicles are carefully extracted from the donor location using pneumatic pressure. This technique ensures a high survival rate among the extracted hair follicles. Your hair is then implanted into the desired area. NeoGraft® is a minimally invasive hair restoration option that can reshape a receding hairline and offers natural-looking results.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) For Hair Loss

PRP for hair loss uses your body’s own platelet rich plasma to encourage the regrowth of your natural hair. PRP is just one of the components found within your blood. During PRP hair loss treatment, our dermatologists will take a blood sample that is then spun through a centrifuge. This allows the platelet rich plasma to isolate from the other components of your blood. This PRP is then injected into your scalp to encourage the growth of your hair follicles. Because PRP contains essential proteins, it can regrow hair in areas of thinning or be used alongside other hair restoration methods for its healing properties.

LaserCap LCPRO

LaserCap LCPRO is a non-surgical hair loss solution that uses lower level laser therapy (LLLT) to improve the ability of your hair follicles to properly function. The LaserCap device can fit comfortably on your head and can be covered underneath a hat or cap to remain unnoticeable. This device helps extend the growth cycles of your hair follicles while enhancing cellular respiration, which can stimulate hair growth. Patients simply wear the LaserCap LCPRO device for 36 minutes every other day while going about their daily activities. LaserCap for hair loss is discreet and offers patients a non-surgical solution to treat areas of thinning hair.

HRS-10 Hair Regrowth System

The HRS-10 Hair Regrowth System is a 3 step solution to restore volume and enhance the appearance of your hair. HRS-10 hair restoration incorporates a volumizing shampoo, replenishing conditioner, and specialized hair growth serum. The shampoo can improve fullness and shine, the conditioner can reinforce the roots of your hair, and the serum encourages proper hair growth by slowing DHT, a hormone that can interfere with the growth of hair follicles.

Hair Restoration Treatment Options For Hair Loss
NeoGraft® Hair Restoration Uses pneumatic pressure to transplant hair Hair follicles are transplanted from areas with ample hair to locations that have thinned Minimally-invasive hair restoration procedure Pneumatic pressure technique ensures a high survival rate among hair follicles
PRP For Hair Restoration Utilizes your body’s platelet rich plasma (PRP) to encourage hair growth PRP is taken from a blood sample and injected into areas of thinning hair Non-invasive hair loss technique Platelet rich plasma helps stimulate the growth of hair follicles
LaserCap LCPRO For Hair Loss LaserCap device sends lower level laser therapy (LLLT) to hair follicles LLLT improves cellular respiration and extends hair growth cycles Non-surgical hair loss option LaserCap device can be worn under a hat or cap while performing daily activities
HRS-10 Hair Regrowth System

3 Step System:

  • Volumizing Shampoo
  • Replenishing Conditioner
  • Hair Growth Serum
  • Shampoo improves fullness and shine
  • Conditioner reinforces roots
  • Serum encourages proper hair growth
Non-surgical hair restoration system Composed of nourishing ingredients, including panthenol and red clover extract

How Many Hair Restoration Treatments Are Required?

The number of required hair restoration treatments will vary depending on the type of hair loss treatment you are undergoing, as well as the specifics of your procedure. Our hair loss doctors at Dermatology, Laser and Surgery of Flatiron can further discuss the details of your hair restoration treatment during your in-office consultation.

Who Is Considered An Ideal Candidate For Hair Replacement?

Patients who are suffering from pattern baldness resulting in areas of thinning hair may be candidates for hair restoration. Our team at Dermatology, Laser and Surgery of Flatiron can help advise whether hair replacement is right for you during your consultation at our New York City offices.

Is Anesthesia Recommended?

When undergoing NeoGraft® or PRP for hair loss, local anesthesia is typically used. LaserCap LCPRO and the HRS-10 Hair Regrowth System do not require any anesthesia.

What Should I Expect After Undergoing Hair Restoration?

Patients undergoing NeoGraft® hair restoration can typically return to their daily activities in less than 1 week. Some swelling may be present for a few days, depending on your procedure. Platelet rich plasma patients can usually resume daily activities immediately following treatment. Slight bruising may last for a few days. LaserCap LCPRO and the HRS-10 Hair Regrowth System do not require any healing time. There may be certain restrictions on showering and cleaning your hair following any form of hair restoration. Our hair doctors can discuss these specifics in more detail during your hair restoration consultation.

What Kind Of Hair Transplant Results Can I Expect?

Hair restoration can achieve long-lasting improvements to your hairline. Hair replacement encourages the growth of your own hair follicles, resulting in a fuller, thicker, and natural-looking head of hair.

How Do I Get Started With Hair Restoration?

The doctors and staff at Dermatology, Laser and Surgery of Flatiron would be happy to discuss your hair restoration treatment in more detail. Please give us a call at 212-982-8229 or request an appointment online for a personal consultation at our New York offices.